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Real Estate Acquisition

Finding the perfect place for your next venture
Finding the perfect spot

Real Estate Acquisition

Choosing What's Best

Assest Identification

The M Group has experienced local partners and extensive market knowledge, allowing us to find the best investment opportunities and position them strategically to generate maximum value for our clients.

Choosing Opportunities Wisely

Due Diligence & Assestment

We rely upon the local knowledge of partners and associates operating in our core markets. We are nimble and able to respond to changes in market trends and remain responsive to the needs of of our clients we serve.

Turning Old Into New


Our team has an edge when it comes to renovating commercial property assets, thanks to years of experience and local market knowledge. Our experience has taught us to work closely with owners once an acquisition has been made to pinpoint goals, create budgets, and provide guidance on upgrades and changes to properties to maximize gains.

Changing with the Market

Repositioning & Rebranding

We have experience revitalizing properties—whether that means a minor facelift, a total overhaul or a complete tear-down. Our teams will guide you through the rebranding process and increase your net operating income. We don’t just reposition. We reinvent.

Ensuring Success

Asset Management

The M Group is proficient and well practiced at managing and operating commercial real estate assets. In fact, we’ve managed most of the properties we have developed, seeing many through to their successful disposition. We have completed complex financing arrangements and created venture relationships with some of the biggest investors in the industry.

Together Thru All Stages

Construction Management

Providing clients with construction management services during all stages of the development and construction process is a vital role for The M Group. We understand the process and how to get it done properly.

Ensuring a Succesful Sale

Dispositions & Financing

We drive the process smartly, evaluating and maintaining properties to ensure a successful sale. We do whatever is necessary to facilitate the transaction, including getting opinions of value, third-party appraisals, and the strongest brokers we know within the brokerage community.

Observing the Market

Market Analysis

Our team has extensive experience in delivering proper market analysis and research to guide your next venture. Through the use of demographics, traffic flow, and consumer demands, we can determine if your next venture fits into the needs of the community to ensure success.

Acquiring Low, Selling High

Real Estate

Let the M Group find your next property venture. With our team of dedicated professionals, we can research, find, and acquire your next property to facilitate turning your dreams into reality. Contact us today to find out how we can help.
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