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General Contracting

Ensuring the work gets done right
Ensuring the work gets done right

General Contracting

Design Your Dream

Layouts/Building Plans

Work closely with us and our contracted architects to design and layout building plans to suit your needs. Be involved in every step of the process to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Stay Current


With our knowledge of zoning, fees, and permit acquisition, we can help jump through hurdles that can prevent you from completing your dream.

Ensuring Completion

Dedicated Project Manager

With our team of professionals, we will dedicate a project manager to each project to ensure things are completed correctly, and on time. Ensuring your money and time are well spent from start to finish.

Maximizing Efficency

Detailed Scope of Work

Knowing how and when certain aspects of your project are to be completed is vital information. That's why every project will include a detailed scope of work for reference so you know exactly what your achieving and when.

Planning for Everything


Let's face it, money is important. That's why budgeting is a crucial part to any project. We will help set-up and maintain a budget for our next venture so your money is spent wisely, with a greater chance for returns.


Site Review

From the start to finish, we will ensure every part of your project is within the detailed scope of work. We will walk-through every step and review it for accuracy, ensuring your vision becomes reality.

Finding the Right Fit

Multi-Quote Bid Offers

With our large selection of contractors, technicians, and professionals, we can offer more than one company to get the job done, and stay within your budget. Having multiple bids will ensure you get the best service, at the best price.

Project Specific

Contractor Selection

Hiring a plumber to frame a house isn't the smartest option. That's why our team will ensure only that licensed and approved contractors will be hired to complete specific tasks that fall within their scope of practice.

The M Group

General Contracting

We have carefully put systems in place to keep projects running smoothly, on-time and within your desired budget. We’re proud to say we’ve never delivered anything less. We’ll manage every contract for you, ensuring you realize maximum contract efficiency in your project. And we’ll control costs, schedule and quality throughout every phase of your project. We’ve honed our project management to efficiently and safely deliver a build of any size or scope.
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