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Property Management

From rent collection, to marketing, to repairs, we have you covered

Explore the Possibilities

Property Management

Reach a Broader Audience


Once we find the unique qualities your property has to offer, our team will use the latest technology to market your property to potential residents through various platforms and social media to ensure your property doesn't stay vacant long.

Know Your Property is Safe

Tenet Screening

With our tenet screening process, we make sure every potential occupant is screened beforehand so you have some peace of mind in knowing your property is safe. We utilize background checks, credit checks, and employment verification to ensure the right occupant is selected.

Saving You Money

Rent Collection

Utilizing latest software and payment methods, we can ensure every tenet has options when it comes to paying rent. Let us take the hassle out of your hands so you can use your time wisely.

Happy Tenets, Happy Clients

Repairs & Maintenance

With our selection of general contractors and maintenance technicians, we can ensure your property is updated and be able to handle any maintenance issues that could disrupt the tenets day-to-day life.

Stay Up-To-Date

Financial Reporting

Finances are important. We prioritize business transparency so all information on profits, expenses, and income are accurate and precise. This makes business monitoring very convenient for you by providing real-time data for solid property analysis.

The M Group

Property Management

The M Group offers standard property management services including property marketing, tenant screening, and rent collection. In addition, we also assist with leasing, refurbishing, restoring, and constructing rental properties. We can help you find, invest in, and earn a steady stream of income from a rental property whether you’re investing for the first time or have been doing it for years.
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